Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Il Coloseo"

It carries its name best among all of the wonders i have seen in this world. it is colossal and simply elegant. it is hard to believe that such a place has witness, such violence and seen so many dead. Its structure is robust and elaborate. seeing it is almost unreal, the walls are almost 2000 years old but still stand tall. The Coloseo a.k.a Flavian Amphitheatre, is like a giant who has suffered many strokes, yet remained mighty. The scars inflicted by the many natural disasters which besieged this place are all but crack in a wall made out of marble. after 2000 years old it stands among my favorite. The Egyptian pyramid, the Mayan, incan, and Aztec's' temples, the grand canyon are by far the top 3 and most phenomenal touristic places in the world, but i must say that the "Flavian Amphitheater" is as equally impressive. To know that at its highest point it use to host up to 5000o people is simply phenomenal. I would recommend anyone to come and visit this great structure as it old so much of the roman history within its walls. The best time is at night, when the lighting on the structure recreates on its ruins the might and glory of yester years

Friday, June 19, 2009

La Vie

C’est souvent dans les moments les plus douloureux, et Durant les épreuves les plus vertigineuses que l’homme succombe sous le charme de la vie. Sa beauté tel un foulard au vent vient nous caresser le visage. Un sentiment retenti du fond du cœur. Une douceur absolue qui porte parfois larmes aux yeux. Ce Bonheur n’est pas éphémère. Au contraire il est très réel. Un sourire, une pensée heureuse, amoureuse. Et puis le petit train quotidien rentre en gare. Alors que toute gaieté s’égare.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Up: Pixar delivers another classic

I just went to the movies last night and saw Up, by pixar with my lovely wife.
over the past few months i have been wondering, by today standards, what makes a great movie? is it the story, the visual effects, the development of the characters, the back stories, or simply, the story line?
So few of the recent movies out today have what it takes to drive the crowds to the theater, the studios have happened to be greedy and deliver half baked movies, with big budgets and pathetic plots.
Pixar however, has shown how much it cares for its fans and the movie industry, they have delivered year in and year out the best movies, the the medium can offer. The last of their highly creative works, is UP, a movie that dares to entertain and seduce the softer side of all on the same token.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I have last left Africa i was 16 years old. at the time it seemed good, it felt good, i was finally going to Europe and eventually to the states. As you can imagine it was like a dream come true for a young African teenager, whose pop culture of the mid nineties was a guide to life. i lived in Paris for a year where i went to boarding school, then i flew to meet my parents in DC. when you are a teen there is so many things that you tend to take for granted. this was just the beginning of a long stay in a foreign home where i would forever remain a foreigner.

After 14 years i am finally back to the land of my ancestors, I still can't go to my home country due to political reason, but any country on the African continent would do. i went to visit my brother and his family in Tunisia, a 2 hour flight from Paris.

The beauty of this place is unreal, the food, might not be best, but hospitality is definetely good.
I rented a beat up car nick named "la Pourite". It did serve its purpose quite well, taking us from point A to B without much trouble.

We are staying at La Marsa a subburb of Tunis, about 2o km north of the city and 10 km south of the coast line and the mediteranean sea.

This country is full of history and mysteries. A perfect blend of cultures which is highly sensed in its culture. Carthage formerly home of the phenicians after the punic occupation of Africa, is nothing but ruins, yet the influence remain in the tunisian culture. some of the infrastructure of the past such as the military port of carthage can still be seen and have been reused and improve over tiem.
We have been blessed enough to visit this place, there is so much to be share, yet too little word to do so. i will post some image and pictures posted during this trip as a picture worth a thousand words.

til' then Shoukran and see you soon.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

What a beautiful life

How amazing! it seems a if 2008 was yesterday and now we already are a quarter in the year.
The recession is in full bloom and the job market is worst than i can possibly remember. Yet the taste of life is even sweeter now that it ever was, because for once we get to say "thank God for what i have, a job, a home and of course sanity. At least that is the way i see it. I could be here and complaining and wishing for something i don't have, but today is different. the world is in such a crappy state, that it feels good to be just alright. Yesterday dreams are for some so far out of reach, I mean kids wanting to go to prestigious colleges but who cant. in the best case scenario, parents who were looking to retire soon, find themselves on the the working scene for at least another five years. On the other hand some of those who have been saving for the past 18 years are handed a pink slip because the economy is just so bad. 401 K have vanished over the last few months and the recession starts to look more like a depression. Unemployment rate is hitting the 1983 mark while the stock market is hitting 1995 lows.

How did we get to this point? it is kind of ironic when movies such as 2012 are about to hit the theater with

This is just what so many of us are dealing with now. but for the most part i am thankful for all i got. Health, life, ambition and sanity.

No complaints here, what a beautiful life